Medicare Essentials

Medicare Essentials

Your Go-To Guide for All Things Medicare

If you are on or have a loved one on Medicare, you know that the government’s version of health care is not all that straight-forward. As a family physician and the author of MEDICARE ESSENTIALS: A PHYSICIAN INSIDER EXPLAINS THE FINE PRINT and IDIOT’S GUIDES: MEDICARE, I am here to help. My goal is to save you money while helping you to make the most of your health and your Medicare experience.



Part A Costs in 2019 Part A and Part B Checklist Preventive Checklist for Men
Part B Costs in 2019 Part D Checklist Preventive Checklist for Women
Part D Costs in 2019


I not only have written books on the subject, I am also the Medicare expert for Verywell, a go-to up-to-date health site with health articles written by experts in their field. No longer will you have to wonder if you are accessing a reliable source of information. This friendly site is like having your doctor as your neighbor or close friend.

Do you want to know what Medicare will and will not pay for? Do you want to learn how to incorporate Medicare into your retirement plans? Take a tour of some of the available Verywell topics below and see what helps you in your situation.




Dollars and Cents


Eligibility and Enrollment




Politics and Reform


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