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    Medicare Essentials

    Alternatives to Medicare Part D

    alternatives to Part D prescription drug plan
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    Part D is not the only way to get prescription drug coverage when you are a senior citizen or have a disability. There are some options you can use instead of a Part D plan and others you can use in addition to a Part D plan to get the coverage you need. Know your options and make the system work for you.

    Alternatives to Medicare Part D

    Medicaid, PACE, and Other Programs

    You may be able to get prescription drug coverage through one of the following programs if you qualify:

    • Employer-Sponsored Health Plans
    • Federal Employee Health Benefits (FEHB)
    • Health Insurance Marketplace (Obamacare) Plans
    • Indian Health Services
    • Medicaid
    • Program for All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE)
    • TRICARE and Veterans Benefits


    What Will Happen If Medicare Part D Coverage Moves to Part D

    The Difference Between Part B and Part D Prescription Drug Coverage

    With medication costs rising every year, there is an urgent need to cut costs for the people who need these drugs. A current proposal recommends merging Part B drug coverage into the Part D benefit. In theory, this could save millions of dollars for the Medicare program as a whole but could price some individuals out of the medications they need.


    Why You Can’t Use Drug Coupons With Medicare Part D

    Which One Saves You More Money?

    Unfortunately, the federal government doesn’t allow drug coupons to be used together with Medicare Part D. That doesn’t mean you can’t use the coupons at all. As far as alternatives to Medicare Part D go, these may actually be your best bet. Learn more about drug coupons, Medicare Part D, and how to know which option to use.


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    Medicare Essentials

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